Mountaintop Amateur Remote Intertie El Paso

Man tools and toys at work here in El Paso:

Here are the results of my latest hours of burning wires, erecting antennas and doing yes some computer work.  You see this machine while being an RF transmitter and receiver is also connected to some pretty neat Toys built by Raytheon.  A Raytheon NXU-2 which is connected to our router here via a static IP address.  On the other side of the Internet is another one of these NXU-2's which is connected to the Armadillo Intertie Network, which now allows us to 'talk' to this machine here in El Paso with a Hand-Held UHF transceiver which not only repeats it 'On-The-Air' here in the El Paso area but also by controlling the controller mounted in the bottom of this rack, talks to the NXU-2 via the Internet to the other NXU-2 in East Texas and allows us to carry on FULL-DUPLEX conversations with our friends out there on the Armadillo Radio Network.  But wait, there's more .... It also can be conrolled to talk to our Mountain Top site here on South Mount Franklin, which if controlled to via RF links can talk to Caballo Mountain in New Mexico as well as the Little Floridas also in New Mexico.  And of course those sites can be controlled to link into the Cactus Intertie Network which goes all the way to the California coast.  All via  FM (F_ _ ing Magic) of RADIO.

The Rack

The Insides

The other side

The Magic NXU-2 and Router

If you'd care to see and or read more about the entire network you can view that here:


And of course I'm pleased to say that some of you Gal's can also PLAY with such toys and tools, like Cherry has decided to do .... after seeing and hearing what fun it could be, she decided to go out and obtain her Amateur Radio License as well ..... So even when she's out and about in her Camaro we can be in instant radio contact .....


HOWEVER, I don't know that there are many of you Gal's out there that would like to Design these systems, Burn the wires, Climb the Towers, Climb the mountain tops that we MEN have to do to design, Build and deploy these toys.  And I happen to know that John does some pretty MAGIC stuff with the equipment he maintains that saves lives for many of us here in the good ole U.S.A. today .....


So, I don't think it's too MUCH to ask for the Wife to bring home some BEER when she goes to the Grocery Store, which most of you LIKE to do anyway!!


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Mountaintop Amateur Remote Intertie El Paso